Vonage Business Continuity Preparedness

March 18, 2020

The novel coronavirus has caused unexpected challenges, uncertainty, and some tragic consequences worldwide in recent weeks. We want to assure our valued customers that we understand the critical role we play in your business operations and have taken a number of steps as follows to ensure the continuity of the services we provide. 

  • Task Force. A core team comprising executive leadership of critical business functions has been and continues to drive our top priorities of workforce safety and operational continuity. We continue to actively monitor for updates from the CDC, WHO, NHS (UK) and others, sharing critical information with our workforce and making timely adjustments to our policies and procedures. 
  • Workforce Safety. We have implemented policies designed to protect our workforce, including closure of offices around the world and a ban on non-essential travel.
  •  Review of Continuity Preparedness. Flexibility and mobility are embedded into our operations and culture. Over the past weeks, we’ve taken measures to confirm our ability to maintain our operations and platform, including through stress-testing and simulated office closures. 
  • Platform. Our platform is hosted by best-in-class cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and IBM, including our core unified communications, contact center, and API software stacks. Services for certain of our unified communications enterprise customers are hosted in our private cloud infrastructure. We deploy our platform in a highly-distributed architecture worldwide, to ensure redundancy in the event one site degrades or fails entirely. 
  • People. Our teams are well-equipped to weather office closures or reductions in force, to ensure that we can continue to provide to our customers services, support, and reliability during times of crisis. 

We wish for your continued health and safety. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 



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