Announcing the Vonage API Partner Awards 2020

Our application, integration, and technology partners are the best of the best, and we’re proud that they are the core of our Vonage Connect API partner ecosystem. Our partnership has helped Vonage API achieve greater heights.

We’re proud to introduce the winners of our 2020 Partner Awards, previously announced at the Vonage Transform API Partner Summit. 

The winners of of the 2020 Partner Awards bring a wide range of talent and expertise to address current enterprise challenges within various industries, including:

  • customer experience

  • artificial intelligence (AI)

  • digital transformation, and much more

But, before we reveal the winners of the 2020 Vonage API Partner Awards ...

We Want to Thank Our Vonage API Partners!

We want to express our appreciation, commitment, and gratitude to all of our Vonage partners! 

Our application, integration, and technology partners are the best of the best, and we’re proud that they are the core of our Vonage Connect API partner ecosystem. Our partnership has helped Vonage API achieve greater heights.

The Vonage Connect API Partner Program

Our global ecosystem of Vonage Connect partners combine the strengths of our APIs with their own products, expertise and technologies to build more innovative and unique communications experiences. 

Here’s a look at how our API partners build, integrate and help implement unique solutions that accelerate business — and attract and retain customers like never before: 

  • Application partners deliver enterprise SaaS platforms to augment marketing and sales automation, call centers, customer service, ecommerce, and vertical markets.

  • Integration partners are consultants that provide custom applications for enterprises seeking to enhance implementation and customer engagement.

  • Technology partners offer complementary APIs or platforms such as AI and bot frameworks, natural language processing engines, and integration services.

And now—drum roll please—the winners of the 2020 Vonage API Partner Awards are ...

Category: 2020 Partner of the Year—Winners 

North America, Partner of the Year: OneReach 

OneReach is the partner behind the low-code conversational AI platform powered by Vonage APIs. 

Latin America, Partner of the Year: DOC 24 

DOC24 implemented the Vonage Video API within their telemedicine application, which is easy to implement and has allowed hospitals to react to the COVID-19 crisis quickly.

EMEA Partner of the Year: Sendinblue 

Sendinblue partnered in close collaboration with our team, using Vonage SMS and eMail APIs.

APAC Partner of the Year: Whispir 

Whispir customised automated communication workflows and platforms, powered with Vonage APIs.

Category: Best implementation for Financial Services 

LATAM Partner: DigiTalk  

DigiTalk and its comprehensive and innovative use of Vonage APIs in their solution offerings to Banks in the LATAM region. 

Category: Best implementation for Healthcare

EMEA Partner: IMI Mobile  

IMI Mobile provided support to the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the health initiatives in the U.K.

Category: Best Implementation for Logistics 

APAC Partner: Whispir 

Whispir created automated customer feedback forms for a leading logistics company, replacing their existing call centre format, to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) and accurately determine their net promoter score (NPS) using Vonage APIs.

Category: Fastest Time to Market

Global Partner: SMS Magic 

SMS Magic met an end-customer’s needs; the customer immediately started a trial and three days later moved forward with the integration using a sub-API key.

Category: Most Compelling Customer Solution

APAC Partner: Chatti 

Chatti enables users to earn flyer points based on SMS usage using Vonage APIs .

Category: Most Innovative Solution

EMEA Partner: Ufirst  

Ufirst enabled smart queuing management during this COVID period, where people do not need to physically queue at the store.

Great Experiences Follow Great Communications

We fully believe great customer experiences follow great communications enabled by seamless solutions. The current and future success of our industry comes with our ability to continue supporting our partners.

Thank you to all of our partners! Cheers to many more successful endeavors. 

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