Technology Partner & Vonage: Real-time Communications Intelligence for Sales Applications

Who we are

Gong is the market leader in the conversation intelligence category. They have more customers, market share, enterprise deployments, and customer satisfaction than anyone else.

Here's why...

Their technology is the latest generation of conversation intelligence technology. Instead of basic keyword counting, Gong's technology understands the CONTEXT of sales conversations without relying on specific keywords being spoken.

Along with being low maintenance, Gong allows you to close the performance gap between your top reps and the rest of your team by analyzing EXACTLY what they do differently during 1,000s of sales calls (instead of just telling you the keywords they use).

How we work with Vonage

Vonage and Gong have teamed up to enhance customer experiences and conversations.

  • Logistics
Areas of Focus
  • Customer 360
  • Customer Engagement
  • Call Center
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration/Comms
  • Business Productivity
  • Support

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