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OutSystems is a modern application platform that enables organizations to build applications that make a difference fast, right, and for the future. Every aspect of OutSystems is designed from the ground up to help organizations build compelling applications that drive differentiation and innovation at the pace that business requires. 


Advanced AI-powered tools and automation across the entire platform help customers tackle strategic challenges such as application modernization, workplace innovation, business process automation, and customer experience transformation.  As well, the OutSystems platform ensures solutions are secure, resilient, cloud-ready, and built to scale.  And, you’re able to continuously iterate if there's a change in technology or teams.


In early 2022, OutSystems named Vonage “Technology Partner of the Year”. So when it comes to building robust communication workflows, there is no better way to enhance the user experience than with the Vonage components for OutSystems. And this applies whether the user is a customer, an employee, a patient, a passenger, a student or other.

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Vonage delivers cloud communications via APIs that can easily be integrated into the OutSystems console: developers can just drag and drop a Vonage component into a visual workflow.  And seamlessly, your workflow is now enabled with SMS, messaging, voice, video, or 2-factor authentication. 


Adding Vonage APIs allows for full control of the user experience and branding, as the communications are embedded from your workflows: video, notifications and calls via SMS, social messaging, audio,  and 2-factor authentication.  Try Vonage APIs, available as components on the OutSystems Forge marketplace, to rapidly transform your digital communication workflows.


Case Studies


Unimed-BH is one of the largest health providers in the world. See how it rapidly built a telemedicine application in 3 weeks using the power of the OutSystems application development platform and the Vonage cloud communications capabilities. 

Unimed-BH Case Study


Seecure needed to integrate all communication channels with their medical application, compliant with healthcare regulations, at an affordable price. 

Seecure case study




Creating a Vonage mobile chat application

Vonage APIs overview: Add multiple communication channels (Voice, Video, SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber) to your applications. 


Vonage in the OutSystems Forge 

The OutSystems Forge is a repository of reusable, open code modules, connectors, UI components, and business solutions to help speed up app delivery time. See the latest Vonage components and documentation.


Why you need communication APIs in the age of digital disruption

Discover how executives across different industries have adapted and implemented new solutions needed to resume business as usual after COVID-19.

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Outsystems Platform Overview