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injixo WFM

Optimize the balance between customer experience, cost control, and your agent experience.


Not all WFM applications are created equal. Some are high in price. Some require on-premises installation, lengthy implementation lead times, and an extensive IT project. Some provide support from offshore locations. But not injixo.


injixo provides comprehensive WFM functionality and harnesses the power of AI in the cloud, backed by a team of local experts. injixo customers report significant cost savings and ease of use versus other WFM solutions. And, thanks to its competitive pay-per-use pricing, injixo offers a rapid return on investment.



injixo is a cloud-based SaaS contact center solution for forecasting and scheduling that integrates quickly and easily with the Vonage contact center platform. injixo WFM provides comprehensive functionality, including:



  • Forecasting: Use AI-based algorithms to accurately predict workload for all channels — such as calls, emails, and web chat — up to a year in advance.

  • Scheduling: Leverage powerful optimization algorithms to easily create schedules that match supply and demand while accounting for shift flexibility and contractual obligations. Plus, you can plan meetings, training, and other exceptions at the optimum time.

  • Intraday Management and Real-time Adherence Monitoring: Enjoy a clear view of metrics and tools to quickly and effectively react to deviations that impact your plan, including volume spikes, absences, and schedule adherence issues.

  • Reporting & Analytics: Create customized dashboards, preconfigured reports, and advanced custom reporting with the injixo API.

  • Employee Engagement: Empower your contact center agents with a self-service portal. Your agents can view, swap, and bid for shifts — as well as book time off and view co-worker activity — all from any device.


Working closely with Vonage throughout the implementation, the injixo team trains your workforce planners to utilize the full functionality of injixo to realize the following benefits:



  • Accurate forecasts made easy: Let our built-in AI algorithms predict demand with industry-leading accuracy at a fraction of the effort.

  • Omnichannel: Go beyond calls and be where your customers need you. Welcome to staffing calculations for the omnichannel world of email, chat, and social media.

  • Multi-skill scheduling without the pain: Tap into our patented multi-skill scheduling algorithm to unlock valuable pooling efficiencies without high setup and maintenance.

  • Real-time response: Find the insights you need when actual results deviate from plan and take corrective action, fast.

  • Fast deployment: With the Vonage to injixo native integration, you’ll be up and running within days.


injixo comes with a team of experts who are passionate about WFM and the transformation that it can bring to your contact center, big or small. Contact your Vonage representative to get started, and take your workforce planning to the next level.