CallRail makes it easy to turn more leads into better customers. Serving over 200,000 companies worldwide, the CallRail call tracking platform gives you clear visibility into what marketing campaigns, ads, and keywords are driving your best leads so that you can spend your budget on what works, while unifying all calls, texts, chats, and form submissions in one inbox so you never miss a lead.


By requesting this app, a note will be sent to your VBC Administrator for approval. Once approved, the app will appear on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App. All pricing displayed in USD. Admins will view pricing in local currency by region.


CallRail’s Call Tracking helps you analyze all inbound calls so you can optimize your marketing campaigns to generate more quality leads. Using a simple code snippet and pools of phone numbers, CallRail tells you which marketing efforts are most effective at driving leads – from PPC ads, social media posts and keywords to offline channels like billboards and direct mail pieces.

In addition to Call Tracking, AI-powered Conversation Intelligence not only lets you automatically transcribe, qualify, classify and assign a dollar value to calls based on your user-defined parameters, but gives you insight into which keywords are driving your highest value leads so that you can optimize your marketing spend accordingly.

CallRail’s platform delivers customer journey intelligence that empowers you to market with confidence so you can spend less time figuring out how to get customers, and more time serving them.

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  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Source-level call tracking
  • Session-level call tracking
  • Customer / Lead Routing to Numbers, Individuals, or Teams
  • Form Builder and external Form Integrator
  • Contact Interactions History
  • Tag, qualify, assign value to, or add notes to customer interactions
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transcripts
  • Automated Call Classification
  • Marketing Reporting Engine
  • Integrations with marketing tools - such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo