Four Reasons You Need NewVoiceMedia Omni-Channel

Many organizations deploy Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds and enjoy the results of the digital transformation journey. The next step often leads to Salesforce Omni-Channel, which allows customer interactions over channels such as email, chat, SMS, social media, leads, cases, SOS video calls, orders, and custom objects.

However, notice that there’s a significant missing piece to the jigsaw—namely, all the voice interactions that the contact center typically handles on a daily basis.

Gartner predicted that by 2019, 81% of marketers expected to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX. Gartner further anticipated that chatbots will power 85 percent of all customer service interactions by 2020 (they’ve also stated that, by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse).

At NewVoiceMedia, while our customers’ use of chatbots is on the rise, this is not resulting in a drop-off in demand for voice. In fact, we’re experiencing an increase in customers wanting to integrate voice into their Salesforce Omni-Channel scenarios.

Here are the four reasons they’re doing this:

1.       Without voice interactions, the omnichannel solution is sub-optimal. In order to deliver a consistent customer experience, the same routing engine, or “brain,” needs to route both voice and all other interaction types. The agent needs to know the entire customer history, regardless of how they chose to engage.

2.       With voice and digital separate, there will also be a lack of integration for any reporting, analytics, or workforce management. This will result in lots of unwelcome manual intervention to combine the various reports to uncover meaningful insights and manage the operation properly.

3.       When Salesforce Omni-Channel is used for routing digital channels and another solution is used to separately route calls, complexity and inefficiency doubles:

●  Agents will have to deal with two apps (Salesforce Omni-Channel and the voice application)

●  Supervisors will have two consoles (Omni supervisor in Salesforce and a Supervisor voice console)

●  Admins have two portals (Omni routing management in Salesforce and an Admin portal for voice)

It's possible to have mixed routing between the voice application and Salesforce whilst retaining Salesforce as a single point of delivery. However, this will result in the complexity of multiple queues, limited routing capability, and voice not fully blended into the solution.

4.       When the NewVoiceMedia Omni-Channel solution is used for routing all channels, Salesforce still manages all the digital channels, and NewVoiceMedia applies the routing strategy for everything:

●  One app for Agents (NewVoiceMedia ContactPad for both voice and other channels)

●  One console for Supervisors (NewVoiceMedia Supervisor console for both voice and other channels)

●  One Admin portal (NewVoiceMedia Admin portal for both voice and other channels)

This scenario results in a single "waiting room" for all queued items and a single "brain" for all routing decisions, with voice fully blended into the mix. NewVoiceMedia delivers consistent service across all channels AND logs all the history into Salesforce, which ensures the agent sees the entire picture.


The NewVoiceMedia Omni-Channel solution is very powerful, having been developed directly with Salesforce’s product team to implement external API routing. Customers benefit from being able to leverage all Salesforce’s digital channels, including LiveAgent and Salesforce Bot, while using NewVoiceMedia’s routing engine for skills-based routing and prioritizing interactions by customer importance. This allows multiple interactions simultaneously, along with automatic capturing of the customer’s online, social, and voice exchanges straight back into the Salesforce record.

So, there you have it. The NewVoiceMedia Omni-Channel solution keeps everything in the familiar Salesforce environment and applies a unified business logic and single source of truth for routing across all channels. It provides intelligent dynamic routing capability across all channels and delivers full omnichannel statistics and reporting, including Einstein AI analytics.

Learn how Vertafore, a NewVoiceMedia Omni-Channel customer, revolutionized customer experience, drove up productivity, and reduced costs.

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Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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