See an Omni-channel Contact Center in Action

Your business serves ultra-connected customers who expect a consistent experience through every channel. So, the more channels, the better, yes? Sure, but only if the customer gets treated right across the board — at any point, on any channel (even by that new chatbot your boss keeps mentioning). So how can you pull that off? 

The answer is omni-channel contact center solution that allows businesses to route interactions through email, chat, SMS, video and social channels seamlessly. In a sense, they let you converse effectively with customers, whatever their location or chosen device.

And when the conversation moves to a new channel or requires an appropriately skilled rep, these solutions pass on all the relevant data and history, so customers don’t need to repeat what they’ve already shared. The result? You deliver one-to-one experiences that set you apart from the competition.

Fine—but what if you use Salesforce to manage your customer relationships? That’s easy:  just use an omni-channel contact center solution that’s fully integrated with Salesforce (that would be NewVoiceMedia). You and your customers get the advantage of truly personalized conversations—regardless of location, device or channel—and you can use Einstein AI analytics to optimize all your CRM, across all channels.

  • You can see how it all works on March 7th, during a live 30-minute demo. Join us and see how your contact center can:
  • Serve every customer superbly, every time, with omni-channel rules that route customers (and their engagement histories) to the best qualified agent, at just the right moment
  • Delight your customers by delivering up-to-date engagement histories to agents in real time, improving the experience for everyone involved
  • Avoid administration headaches (and enhance the customer experience) by automatically and consistently enforcing service rules across voice and all Salesforce digital channels.

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Written by Vonage Staff


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