Vonage Contact Center: Q3 2022 Release Helps Ensure Flawless Customer Service

The upcoming Vonage Contact Center (VCC) feature updates continue to help in the delivery of exceptional customer and agent experiences. The Q3 2022 release will be available to all customers during the week of July 18. Enjoy the read as we quickly review the latest enhancements and developments.

image reflects the Vonage Contact Center Q3 2022 release

Service Cloud Voice Enhancements

Vonage continues to boost the agent experience and time savings for Service Cloud Voice customers with: 

  • Call transfer (warm transfer to interaction plans)
  • Conferencing/merging (transfer/conference call to external number)
  • Integration with Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS)
  • Timed after-conversation work
  • Desk phone support
  • Salesforce Omni-Channel Flows route VCC calls to interaction plans
  • Presence Status Mapping from VCC to Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Integration

This integration includes enhanced security and enables supervisors to see agent capacity:

  • VCC support for the Salesforce Shield Deterministic Encryption
  • External routing supports agent capacity in Salesforce

ContactPad Enhancements

Agents rely on ContactPad to make, receive, and record calls. Now they can also benefit from: 

  • Choice of warm or cold transfer
  • Guidance for agents abandoning interactions

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Some new and existing VCC customers cannot switch to a Payment Service Provider (PSP) compatible with Agent Assist, Self Service, or Digital Secure Payments. Thanks to the upcoming release, they may be able to use VCC for secure payments through their existing PSP:

  • Third-party secure payments integrated with VCC


Multiple improvements have been made for users of VCC dashboards:

  • Agent availability by interaction-type metric
  • Extended agent state filter
  • “Online” presence is now “Ready”
  • Audit logs for dashboard management


Enhancements for VCC administrators include:

  • Increases to minor agent-states limit
  • Auto-generated agent and group IDs in user admin


A variety of new reporting capabilities are available:

  • Interaction Summary Dataset enables a variety of new reporting capabilities
  • New default Analytics dashboards (approximately 20 in total)

Beta/Early Access Program

  • Multiple voicemail drop
  • Real-time Slack notifications in IVR

Important Announcements

  • New interaction data source formatter simplifies making API calls with E.164 telephone numbers
  • Audio codec update includes major browser support

Feature Retirement

  • Applets retired/deprecated: CRM Based Router applet, Router – Geographic CLID, Check IVR String, Check IVR Digit
  • Screen Recording Chrome extension – retired
  • Classic User Admin – retired
  • Subset of User Access functionality – retired
  • Early versions of Salesforce Managed Packages – deprecated

Rollout Starts Soon

The Vonage Contact Center Q3 2022 release rolls out the week of July 18.

To learn more about how Vonage can help your organization, be sure to explore our cloud-based Vonage Contact Center.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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