Vonage Contact Center: Q1 2023 Release Enhances Customer and Agent Experiences

Updates to the Vonage Contact Center (VCC) continue to help deliver exceptional customer and agent experiences. Look for the Q1 2023 release during the week of February 2023. And enjoy the read as we quickly review the latest enhancements and developments.

woman, wearing a headset, high-fives a colleague; this represents the Vonage Contact Center Q1 2023 release

Service Cloud Voice Enhancements

  • Automatic recording configuration of outbound calls
  • Field-based callback number selection
  • Automating callback numbers for click-to-dial using Apex
  • Setting the default callback number for outbound calls
  • Supervisor listen-in
  • Dialer (Connect) for Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Open CTI

  • Close status releases interaction in VCC
  • Agent assignment updates case status
  • Log-a-Call auto-linking

VCC-VBC Integrated Experience

  • Rationalized duplicate directory entries


  • Multiple voicemail drop
  • ○      Uploading a voice message
  • ○      Recording a voice message
  • ○      Setting a voice message as the default
  • ○      Leaving a voice message
  • Screen lock refresh


  • Clone user

Analytics and Reporting

  • Now includes inactive ongoing interactions (dashboards)
  • Viewers can schedule delivery of dashboards (analytics)

Web APIs

  • Interaction content API returns IVR audio recordings

Beta/Early Access Program

  • New ContactPad User Interface - Early Access
  • VBC Transfer to VCC Interaction Plans - Early Access

Important Announcements

  • Transfer to interaction plan (default on)
  • IVR collected data downloaded in CSV format
  • IVR send questionnaire applet update
  • IVR data is subject to 35-day retention
  • WebRTC best practice

Feature Retirement

  • Manual wrap — intent to deprecate
  • Old ContactPad user interface — intent to deprecate (expected retirement date: 2024)
  • Stats and Reports — intent to deprecate
  • Legacy applets — deprecated
  • ContactHub — deprecated
  • CRM Lite — deprecated
  • Inspire (wallboards) — deprecated
  • User access feature permission management — retired
  • Salesforce managed packages — deprecated

Rollout Starts Soon

The Vonage Contact Center Q1 2023 release rolls out the week of February 20.

To learn more about how Vonage can help your organization, be sure to explore our cloud-based Vonage Contact Center.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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