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Video in the Contact Center: How to Future-Proof Your CX

People are increasingly familiar with using video, resulting in some fundamental behavioral shifts in how we work and live. So how do you appropriately and seamlessly use video in the contact center to improve the customer and employee experience? Find the answers in our whitepaper.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:
  • Some of the new challenges facing organizations that want to deliver a stand-out customer experience through visual engagement tools
  • How visual engagement can impact contact center operations for both customers and agents
  • Vertical-specific use cases where video and screen-sharing capabilities can significantly enhance the customer experience
A good read for:
  • Contact center leaders
  • Customer experience leaders
  • Digital experience leaders
  • Customer service leaders
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Sales leaders
  • IT leaders

Video and screen-sharing technology has been around for years. However, in 2020, its use exploded as it kept us connected not only to friends, family, and colleagues, but also to customers.

Vonage research last year found that video became the fastest-growing channel that organizations use to serve their customers—driven, more than anything, by necessity. Yet many of the tools used don't fit with the easy, connected, secure, and seamless experience that organizations want to deliver to their customers.

Now, as we start to emerge from the pandemic, many organizations recognize that the siloed and unconnected experience they’ve offered their customers is not ideal. They need to take a more considered approach and let research guide them on where to apply video or visual engagement.


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