Call Monitoring

“Monitor” calls, “whisper” to employees, or “barge” in to help.
Call Monitoring is an empowering tool that helps supervisors train and manage sales and customer service staff in real time. This add-on feature allows authorized users to listen in on and “monitor” calls, “whisper” to the agent being monitored, and also “barge” into the call to help facilitate a discussion.

Supervisors can easily monitor any extension on the account they select, and even access the feature remotely from their smartphone or laptop using the Mobile App, Web App, or Desktop App. Once an extension is selected and call monitoring begins, switching between “monitor,” “whisper,” and “barge” modes can be done with a simple keystroke.

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Quality assuring

Seamlessly monitor sales and service calls, engage as needed with “whisper” and “barge” capabilities, and use the service as a training or coaching tool.
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Use PIN numbers to ensure that only approved users can monitor calls, and access the service remotely via the Mobile, Web, and Desktop Apps.
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For transparency, an optional legal announcement can be configured from your online account portal and incorporated into your protocol.

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