Clio Integration

The Vonage® for Clio integration lets you seamlessly connect your business phone system to your key productivity tools in the G Suite platform. Integrate your Gmail®, Google® Contacts, Hangouts, Calendar and Tasks to maximize your day to day business operations.

Available in US only.

Clio Interface


Customized to desktop & mobile devices


No client-side installation


Impressive ROI
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Cloud-powerful capabilities

Vonage integrations are built from the network up, providing reliability, fewer delays, and enhanced quality of service for your Clio tasks.
  • Time entries based on call duration are automatically input following rate hierarchy: User rate, activity description if selected, or matter rate if selected.
  • Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls to Clio when the caller ID or clicked number is matched to a Clio contact.
  • Easy call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls exported directly to Clio. Even associate calls to a “matter” related to a matching contact.
  • Admins can enable auto-open call log window, minimum character mandates and customizable subject structure in call notes.
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Getting started for VBC customers

Want to add integrations to your VBC platform? Look no further.
  • The Vonage® for Clio® integration requires a Google Chrome™ browser v25.0 or higher.
  • For access or questions, customers can contact the Vonage support team.

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