JobDiva Integration

Click-to-dial calls directly from your contacts and candidates. Shave seconds off every customer interaction with client information screen pops for incoming calls. Vonage for JobDiva integration helps create interactions that are a little more accurate, a little more efficient, a little quicker — and that all translates to dollars.

Available in the US only.

JobDiva Interface


Works with desktop & mobile devices


No client-side installation


Impressive ROI
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Cloud-powerful capabilities

Vonage integrations are built from the network up, providing reliability, fewer delays, and enhanced quality of service for your JobDiva tasks.
  • Incoming screen pops let you know who’s calling and why. Even get missed call screen pops with call back or open call log window options.
  • Notes for inbound/outbound calls are recorded in JobDiva Activity Notes.
  • Create Contacts and Candidates quickly while on the call with new clients. Clients added to JobDiva can be synced manually or via nightly syncs.
  • See real time inbound and outbound call statistics. Call notes can be quickly searched, reviewed, and exported.
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Getting started for VBC customers

Want to add integrations to your VBC platform? Look no further.
  • Using Vonage® for JobDiva® integration requires a Google Chrome™ browser v25.0 or higher.
  • For access or questions, customers can contact the Vonage support team.

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