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Build tomorrow’s telehealth innovations today

Build your mobile and web healthcare applications with real-time communications to create powerful patient experiences across multiple channels. Empower practitioners to deliver better care, increase patient engagement, streamline operations, and improve patient outcomes—all while lowering the costs and barriers to care.
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Illustration video call between a doctor and patient.
Making healthcare accessible to more people

Healthcare providers innovate patient-doctor interactions with APIs

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E-visits and medical consultations

Connect patients and physicians around the world quickly and securely through virtual office visits and live video, all within the context of your existing workflow.
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Behavioral and mental health

Allow health professionals to assess their patients remotely in real time and throughout their treatment—or bring like-minded people together for support group meetings—all from the comfort and privacy of home.
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Connected devices

Enhance medical device capabilities with real-time communications. Keep physicians connected to their patients and each other, and allow them to securely share and explain health information or results in context.
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Wellness and fitness

Give customers access to a certified personal trainer in their own home through live video. This makes it simple and convenient to stay healthy.

Voice API

Build powerful and reliable voice and AI experiences with the easy-to-use Vonage Voice API. Learn more

Video API

Integrate live video directly into your website or mobile applications with our Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox). Learn more

Verify API

Easily authenticate your users—provide the phone number and we generate the code. And only pay for successful conversions. Learn more

Messages API

Send notifications and status with the Vonage Messages API that integrates with SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. Learn more

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Doxy.me logo Customer Story
Doxy.me sees significant telehealth growth due to COVID-19
They supported over 600,000 doctor-to-patient video sessions with over 11 million video minutes—in a single day—in March.

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