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Collaborate across your business and contact center

Thanks to Vonage, you can future-proof your business with an integrated unified communications and contact center solution — that’s right, a single vendor and platform to meet all of your communications needs. It’s time to collaborate and build long-lasting experiences for your customers and employees.

Integrated Experience - Contact Center & Unified Communication
Illustration of contact center agent in front of laptop browser with dialing pad app on screen.

Control it all through one interface

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) integrates with Vonage Contact Center (VCC) through a single pane of glass. Now you can efficiently manage your UC and CC communications tools in one place and enjoy one interface and presence synchronization and availability.

  • A single, intuitive interface that reduces the need to toggle between applications or systems — ideal when partnering with agents or teams

  • Agents and subject matter experts can easily collaborate across the business through messaging, conference calls, and video meetings

  • Call transferring between back-office and front-office that eliminates the need to ask customers to hang up and dial a different number

Illustration of a contact center agent in the center with spokes out to customers

Leverage a directory of available subject matter experts

The Vonage integrated experience enables agents to find the right subject matter expert within your organization and check their availability to help the customer. Agents can use the skills and expertise of the entire business to support customer interactions.

  • Synchronized directory between unified communications and contact center to easily find the right subject matter expert

  • Real-time visibility into available subject matter experts across the company to quickly resolve customer concerns and improve first-call resolution

  • Teams can work in collaboration workspaces to help close a sale or resolve a customer problem

Illustration of winding path leading from a contact center agent talking to a customer to business leaders celebrating. The path represents a successful customer journey, with different touch points like texts and emails along the way.

Increase operational efficiencies

Vonage Business Communications and Vonage Contact Center are built on top of the Vonage Communications Platform. This includes access to a common platform for all of our applications: voice, meetings, team collaboration, and contact center … not to mention our renowned CRM integrations. Vonage is an industry leader that brings an integrated UC and CC solution to deliver a superior customer and agent experience — while reducing IT complexity and lowering operational costs.

  • As a single communications technology provider, Vonage delivers one contract, one technical support department, and a roadmap that supports and integrates both UC and CC solutions

  • Consistent performance, network access, and security commitments across a single solutions stack — meaning one data residency policy and security, privacy, and compliance framework through Vonage

  • Economies of scale for training and certifications, network access, security policies, management, and licensing — all while benefiting from a single, platform-wide SLA (99.99%*)

image highlighting the Vonage Contact Center Q2 2022 release

Work better together

The Vonage Communications Platform integrates with industry-leading CRM vendors, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoho, Oracle, Bullhorn, and more. This enables exceptional customer experiences and boosts channel efficiency by quickly leveraging customer data and insights to let the conversations flow. As a result, customers feel more connected and engaged with your brand.

  • Vonage CRM integrations can be used with Vonage’s integrated UC + CC experience to provide agents with screen pops that identify incoming callers — which are further enriched with CRM data — to enable exceptional customer experiences

  • Integrations speak to CRMs and capture all relevant call information for accurate tracking and reporting

  • Access to features like click-to-dial and automatic call logging to boost agent productivity



Learn how Vonage brings unified communications and contact centers together. Everything your organization needs for communication and collaboration is now on one flexible cloud platform.

The 99.999% claim is based on Vonage's average up-time and/or availability.


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