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MoEngage: Create cross-channel experiences that customers love

Want to combine engagement with conversion? Start with MoEngage for AI-driven insights to create cross-channel customer experiences. Then integrate Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by to reach, engage, and nurture customers in-channel — such as in WhatsApp — all to turn simple notifications and conversations into conversions.


Understand customer intent and get insights


Craft engaging 1:1 campaigns


Provide timely updates


Enhance CX and engagement through personalization

Reach and engage at scale with MoEngage + Vonage Conversational Commerce and WhatsApp business messages

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. And the seamless integration of the MoEngage platform and Vonage delivery capabilities delivers reach and engagement at scale — all to help drive business growth through WhatsApp.

  • Easily enable WhatsApp messaging within MoEngage without having to manage integration, hosting, scaling, and software updates.

  • WhatsApp features rich messaging and end-to-end encryption.

Illustration of a mobile phone with a WhatsApp conversation on it between a business and a customer asking about stock of a clothing item

Enjoy features built for your use case

Whether it’s a notification, two-way communication, or in-channel purchase, MoEngage + Vonage Conversational Commerce and WhatsApp are ready for you.

  • Broadcasts and notifications: Use WhatsApp for sending promotional broadcasts, notifications, and updates.

  • Two-way communications: Start a WhatsApp chatbot conversation for customer service, education, or consultation. Then quickly move to a live human chat as needed.

  • Conversational commerce: Reach, engage, and nurture directly in WhatsApp. This includes end-to-end conversational commerce with automation and live-chat consultation. Robust back-office integration measures performance.

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Convert notifications and conversations into conversions

MoEngage + Vonage combine the best of both worlds — to personalize the engagement and capture customers in the moment.

  • MoEngage service delivers WhatsApp messages to end users.

  • Vonage Conversational Commerce receives the end-user inquiry and triggers a bot response.

  • User continues the conversation — first with the bot and then with a live agent — to answer questions and complete the transaction.

  • In-channel and ad hoc engagement helps drive higher conversions and improve revenue at scale.

Turn conversations into sales

Extend customer touchpoints from one-way notifications to two-way conversations with MoEngage and Vonage Conversational Commerce
Illustration of a woman sitting outside a brick-and-mortar store. She is using her laptop, and we see icons representing her shopping for clothes items, watching videos, chatting with store clerks, and making purchases online.

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