Nexmo Named ‘Most Implementable’ Cloud Communications Platform in Latest G2 Crowd Report

After you’ve chosen a solution that will help your business meets its goals, all that stands between you and those desired results is implementation. Depending on the solution you choose and the provider’s commitment to customer onboarding, that implementation can range from a seamless deployment path to a painful process mired in complexity and missed expectations.

If ease of implementation wasn’t a key criterion in your selection process, it quickly becomes one when go-live dates keep getting pushed back and you start obsessing about the opportunity cost of easier solutions you could have purchased. All those value-added features won’t do you much good if you have to wait months to actually launch them into production.

That’s why we’re so proud that our customers have rated Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, as a leader in ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption. G2 Crowd, the leading B2B software rating service, has just released its Spring 2019 Grid Report, an aggregate rating of user satisfaction based on submitted reviews. In the Cloud Communication Platforms category, Nexmo emerged as the “Most Implementable” product (see full Implementation Index report).

What Does “Most Implementable” Mean?

Imagine splurging on a slick new convertible in the spring, but you have to wait for one in your color to be shipped. The summer months come and go but you can only dream of long drives with the top down and warm sunshine on your face. The vehicle finally arrives just as the first cold snap of the fall rolls in. Yes, there will be other summers in which to enjoy your new car, but how frustrating was that wait?

The same is true for software deployments in your business. Suppose that convertible is a communications API platform and those summer drives are the differentiating engagement and support features you’re going to build into your customer experience (CX). While you’re waiting for your deployment, competitors could beat you to market with CX enhancements of their own and win away customers in the process. Everyone knows how important customer experience is to differentiating a brand and maintaining its competitive advantage. There’s no time to wait through a prolonged implementation process. The stakes are too high in the current digital landscape.

Being rated “Most Implementable” means businesses got their customer experience enhancements to market faster with Nexmo than with other platforms. The G2Crowd user rating data put numbers to the accolade:

  • One in every five Nexmo users went live in less than a day.
  • 60 percent were able to go live in less than a month.
  • The rest got their deployments in production within six months.
  • The overall average deployment time was just one month.

Read the full G2Crowd Compare Report to see how Nexmo’s implementation metrics compare with Twilio’s. Talk to one of our experts if you’re ready to make communications enhancements to your CX.

Satisfaction Ratings Echo What Customers Have Told Us

As proud as we are of the G2Crowd user satisfaction results, our ease of implementation rating doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Customers of all sizes, in various industries, and from regions across the globe have been telling us how easy it is to work with our platform and support organization for years.

Here are some executives sharing their deployment experiences and the results they achieved with Nexmo in their own words.

Aramex, a global logistics and transportation services provider, needed to integrate the WhatsApp Business solution into its “last mile” communications with customers. They chose Nexmo’s Messages API to access the WhatsApp channel. Chief Digital Officer Mohammed Sleeq explains how speed to market drove their selection and led to strategic results with Nexmo.

Mohammed Sleeq, Chief Digital Officer

When Asia Law Network began to expand its Quick Consult service to users outside its base in Singapore, the company chose Nexmo to enable high-quality, stable voice and SMS communications. Founder and CEO Cherilyn Tan recalls how quickly they were able to deploy the Nexmo Voice and SMS APIs, fueling their growth.

Cherilyn Tan, founder and CEO of Asia Law Network

Also utilizing the Nexmo SMS and Voice APIs, the JustPark app allows users to reserve parking from the company’s marketplace of available inventory. JustPark became a Nexmo customer after switching from another communications platform provider. Founder and CEO Anthony Eskinazi explains what stands out about Nexmo to convince him his company made the right decision.

JustPark Founder and CEO Anthony Eskinazi

Remitly, the largest independent digital remittance company in the U.S., uses two-factor authentication with the Nexmo SMS API to safeguard against fraud and suspicious activity. With fraudulent transactions resulting in both monetary losses and a risk to customer trust, Remitly needed a solution quickly. Director of Product Nick Moiseff details how Nexmo met their need for speed.

Nick Moiseff, Director of Product at Remitly

As a financial services company with a global user base, Remitly also has regulatory considerations to tackle in every region where they operate. Product Manager Eric Rimbey explains how Nexmo’s handling of those requirements allows Remitly to focus on its core product and growth.

Eric Rimbey, Product Manager

Working to Make Nexmo the Easy Choice

As much as we advocate for businesses to invest in their customer experiences, it’s particularly gratifying to receive this recognition of our own customer experience from the people we serve. After a customer has chosen Nexmo, the last thing we want them to do is wait to build something great.

If you’re ready to elevate your customer experience with real-time communications—and get those enhancements to market quickly, talk to our platform experts.

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