Vonage and Freshworks Bring Multichannel Communications to Freshdesk Customer Experience

The standard phone call and email channels that once were enough for customer support won’t cut it anymore. Customers today expect immediate access to support on the channels that they prefer—not just the ones a business happens to offer—and they want quicker resolutions to their issues. Any business that aspires to deliver an exceptional customer experience (and, honestly, is there any that doesn’t these days?) must elevate the engagement capabilities of their helpdesk solution!

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Recognizing this need, Freshworks and Vonage have partnered to bring two-way messaging communication to Freshdesk, Freshworks' helpdesk software. The partnership integrates a multichannel messaging API via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, directly into Freshdesk, enabling support experiences where customers can open, update, and close tickets and interact with agents via SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. 

How Nexmo Messaging for Freshdesk Works

Nexmo Messaging for Freshdesk, available now on the Freshworks Marketplace, is powered by the Nexmo Messages API. It provides the only two-way messaging connector to Freshdesk. The simple open-source connector allows businesses to seamlessly integrate multiple messaging channels into their Freshdesk software without having to manage separate APIs and software updates for each channel or sink development costs into building those capabilities from scratch.

The connector is also highly configurable. A typical flow could be defined as follows:

  1. A customer opens a Freshdesk ticket using their preferred messaging channel (SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger).

  2. An agent claims the ticket and Freshdesk automatically informs the customer via the same channel that their ticket is in progress. 

  3. The agent updates the ticket, and Freshdesk sends the customer an update.

  4. The conversation continues until the ticket is closed.

However, with Nexmo Messaging for Freshdesk, brands can customize their support experiences to suit their businesses and their specific customer needs. They can leverage the connector to build support workflows that improve customer satisfaction, get to resolutions quicker, and drive efficiency to reduce support costs. For example, they can introduce voicebots, chatbots, and other forms of AI into their customer interaction workflows to streamline their processes and more efficiently process queries. 

Because the Messages API is built on the global Vonage Communications Platform, businesses can seamlessly deliver all these rich messaging capabilities to customers around the world. With fuller access to, and greater control of, their tickets on the messaging channels they prefer, end users will enjoy higher customer satisfaction. At the same time, businesses will reduce call volumes as many customers opt for messaging over calling and achieve faster issue resolution as agents can field several issues simultaneously via messaging.

Learn More and Start Building an Exceptional Support Experience Today

The Nexmo Messaging for Freshdesk connector is free to download from the Freshworks Marketplace. You just need a Nexmo API subscription (free to sign up). 

Use the following resources to learn more about how you can elevate the engagement capabilities of your Freshdesk solution.

  • On-demand webinar: Intelligent CX - How to Create a Winning Messaging Strategy Through SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger

  • Demo video: Watch how Nexmo Messaging for Freshdesk enables end-users to open new tickets, view status, add comments, and receive updates via their preferred messaging channels.

If you have any questions or need assistance customizing the connector for your particular support needs, send an email to [email protected].

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