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Around the World With CX Insights

The Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024 is, well, global. So dive into the country-specific insights in this special edition. And plan your go-to-market strategy to ultimately reach, engage, and nurture customers in your local market.

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The Undeniable AI Love

Customers around the world are not afraid to reach out to businesses. But HOW they do so varies. For example, customers in China will pick up their smartphone to make a call, comment on a social post, or start a chat. But those in Japan choose the less-immediate email route. Despite these apparent differences — the stats reveal a consistently growing interest in AI. Check out some regional highlights below. Then learn how AI can help enhance your CX efforts.

  • APAC prefers mobile phone calls (41%) and app-based phone calls and messages — with lots of love for WhatsApp.

  • EMEA prefers traditional methods like mobile phone calls, email, and non-SMS apps for messaging. There’s also interest in AI-enabled channels for voice, messaging, and video.

  • LATAM loves all things WhatsApp, including for voice calls, messages, social media, and video chats. In fact, a staggering 90% use WhatsApp for messaging.

  • UK likes traditional methods such as email, mobile phone calls, and SMS text messages — but app-based messages and phone calls trail only slightly.

  • The U.S. remains focused on SMS text messages, mobile phone calls, and email. There’s also interest in moving toward more AI-enabled channels, such as Facebook Messenger for calling (20%) and messaging (28%) plus Zoom (28%) and FaceTime (25%) for video chats.

The love is real: AI can help you become a 24/7 CX machine to answer questions, route customers to a live agent, or even close a sale.

Ready for AI and Great CX?

Get the consumer insights for 17 regions around the world. Then build an engagement strategy focused on the communications tools and channels — with AI smarts — that customers love.


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