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Juniper Research Has Recognized Vonage as an Established Leader in Conversational Commerce

Juniper Research scores conversational commerce vendors across capability and capacity, product and position, market presence, and more. Their findings showcase Vonage and its strong omnichannel support, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, LINE and Instagram. Juniper Research also highlights the value-add and scalability of Vonage communications APIs, including the capability to seamlessly invite buyers to a live video with an in-store associate or customer service agent through a single click.

Juniper Research Conversational Commerce Competitor Leaderboard

Juniper Research commends Vonage on its ecommerce and payment integrations, noting that “the ability to process payments and card transactions securely and accurately will be a key to the future growth of the conversational commerce market.”

Juniper Research applauds Vonage and its strong financial performance in the conversational commerce market. This position of strength can help with future technology investments in conversational AI, enhanced security features, region-specific payment features, and even future channels as they emerge.


image depicts Vonage and Mollie integration

“Supporting enough communications channels is no longer enough to ensure the success of omnichannel experiences. Vonage’s ability to provide value-added services, such as strong AI capabilities, CRM solutions, and payment integrations into its platform ensures depth within existing communications channels. This secures its place as an established leader in this highly competitive market.”

-Elisha Sudlow-Poole, Research Analyst, Juniper Research


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