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Be more responsive

Consumers increasingly look for personal ways to connect with businesses. They’ll ask questions before purchasing, expect personalized product recommendations, and seek help after their purchase. Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by, helps engage customers by automating immediate responses to FAQs, customer comments, and messages across their favorite channels.

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Assist customers at every stage of their journey

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Respond immediately

Add automated replies to all types of common customer questions about products, shipping, order status, refunds, cancellation, and more.

Give better responses

Train your automation to understand words and phrases, including spelling errors, your customers may use to ask questions.
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Guide them

Encourage customers to take action by directing them to a live chat or product purchase, or to learn more. You can also trigger a guided bot flow to your replies.

Build trust and creditability

Make a connection, and engage your community, by replying to customer comments and messages in whatever channel they’re using.

Get more from your social media campaigns

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Increase campaign engagement

Use automated responses to secure additional customer data. For example, the responses can encourage customers to comment on your posts, ads, and live videos to receive special offers or more details. You can then use this data to personalize offers in a more automated way.

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Build your online community

Nurture your fans by providing the information they need, when they need it, on their favorite social channels. You can then add automated responses with referral links to help expand your social media presence.

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Drive product consideration

Build trust and drive higher product consideration by automating responses to direct messages or comments from your social posts and ads. The immediate responses keep customers in the moment, which can help increase sales conversion rates and establish a dialogue.

Turn conversations into sales

Engage customers anytime, anywhere, with
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