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Generative AI

Trusted, transformative customer engagement from Vonage AI

Generative AI is currently in beta

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Discover the future of AI-powered conversations by harnessing the power of Large Language Models

Smarter, Contextual Conversations

Understand customer intents no matter how complex, anticipate questions and concerns and always retain detail and context

Safe and Practical Engagement

Robust controls that mitigate bias, ensure compliance, and deliver consistent, on-brand AI-powered conversations

Exceptional Knowledge Base Management

Easily leverage your knowledge bases to quickly deliver richer and immediate results to customers and your agents



LLMs AI Studio

Democratizing AI

The integration of AI Studio and AI Virtual Assistant with Generative AI Large Language Models enables more natural conversation flows at scale

  • GenAI provides faster, smarter and more nuanced conversational experiences, integrating seamlessly with your Vonage AI solution

  • Flexible architecture that can support multiple LLMs

  • Connects to your existing knowledge bases and CRMs; you enable faster training of your agent using the Generative AI node

Image of a hand with the index finger pointing to an AI graphic on a laptop screen with symbols for different communication channels branching out from the AI source: from left to right, an image of a text message, a snippet of code, a robot with a microphone, and a cog

Practical and safe AI engagement

Smart incorporation of Large Language Models into the AI Studio and AI Virtual Assistant  experience promotes business-focused communication at scale.

  • Vonage Generative AI uses context understanding and analyzes responses as key elements of a whole conversation to ensure your agent stays on-script

  • Additional safeguards include frictionless fallback to live agents or in-house NLU for more traditional AI dialog flows

illustration of a hand holding a smart phone, with messages on the screen, and a robot messaging back. The messages say "Hi Andy, what can I help you with?" "I need to book a room." "Sure thing! What days would you like to book?" How many guests will you have?" "

Augment Your Contact Center with Generative AI

Reinvent your services experience practically and safely with an LLM-powered bot

  • Vonage AI experts help best tailor Generative AI content and responses to your specific use case and brand experience for your contact center with AI Studio or with your Vonage Contact Center Virtual Assistant.


  • The AI Virtual Assistant within has been augmented with Generative AI, enabling a dramatic increase in successful self-service outcomes.

  • The VBC Virtual Assistant with Generative AI, enabling more intuitive call routing, concierge or receptionist services,  IT applications, and more.

Setting up Generative AI Node Integration

Get ready to use the GAI node within your Virtual assistant
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