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Reporting and analytics dashboards

Vonage Contact Center features custom-built dashboards to help monitor individual and team performance. These contact center analytics identify areas of improvement across your department.

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Vonage Contact Center Analytics

Optimize Customer Experience with Vonage Contact Center Insights

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Omnichannel insights

Conveniently review contact center metrics.

  • Automatically log channel activity into the CRM for instant review

  • Quickly access comprehensive metrics within your CRM reporting system

  • Capture and analyze metrics that unlock customer insight

  • Understand how to optimize both agent and customer experiences

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The data you need

Seamlessly get a full and accurate view of your team’s activities and actions.

  • Real-time and historical data
  • Customized dashboards
  • Wallboards
  • Reports
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Real-time dashboards

Customizable dashboards highlight the status of critical performance metrics. 

  • Empower your team with personalized dashboards

  • Set thresholds to flag problem areas

  • Receive automatic notification when a metric is off target

  • Build the exact view you need using predefined widgets

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Historical reports and analytics

Fine-tune your contact center operation through data-driven decisions. 

  • Analyze agent, queue, and contact center performance

  • Identify trends and highlight areas of opportunity

  • Unearth root cause of problem areas

  • Customize reports to unlock insights that drive continuous improvement

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Team Monitoring

A comprehensive tool to monitor real-time performance and to promptly identify and act on emerging trends across all your interactions, from calls to chat and email.

  • View the real-time performance of teams across multiple channels and interactions, all in one place

  • Enhance user experience with a modern, intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with existing performance dashboards

  • Identify performance trends and take appropriate actions to improve team performance

  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase system efficiency by eliminating the need for frequent polling and reliance on a legacy statistics pipeline

Vonage Contact Center Salesforce Dashboards Video Demo
Vonage Contact Center Salesforce Dashboards
Conveniently review contact center metrics within Salesforce reports.

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