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Vonage Contact Center and Microsoft Teams: Please, Take a (Comfy) Seat

This article was published on December 2, 2022

A colleague shared a story about his father finally purchasing his stunningly beautiful dream car. But six months later, he sold it. Why did his ultimate ride lose its sheen so quickly? Because it was missing something basic. When he sat in that lovely vehicle for three hours every day, its uncomfortable seats quickly lessened his love for the car. It simply wasn’t worth it.

image depicts the Vonage Contact Center and Microsoft Teams integration

The Lesson: Comfort Matters (Just Ask Your Call Center Agents)

When it comes to call center agent comfort, in this instance we’re not talking about the physical comfort of butts-in-seats or well-built office chairs. We’re spotlighting the comfort and ease of performing everyday tasks for eight-plus hours a day. And this is where the Vonage Contact Center integration with Microsoft Teams can be your agents’ best friend.

How Does the Vonage Contact Center Integration With Teams Help Agents?

When companies using Microsoft Teams take advantage of our Vonage Contact Center integration, they alleviate one common discomfort their agents experience every day: not being able to deliver first contact resolution.

Put yourself in your agents’ shoes (or seats) and imagine the frustration of customers wanting answers that you don’t have. Agents bear the brunt of customer dissatisfaction. And with the “great resignation” in full swing, it’s one more reason for agents to head out the door for their next opportunity.

We can help.

A Highly-Accessible Address Book

With the Vonage Contact Center and Microsoft Teams integration, agents can now reach beyond the contact center to get answers for their customers. It starts with agents quickly finding and connecting with experts across the company. In fact, from the address book within their Vonage ContactPad agent desktop, agents can access everyone in the enterprise. Thanks to this integrated directory, it’s easy for agents to find the people they need, see their availability status, and click to connect and collaborate.

For example, an agent can reach out to:

  • Carla in Loans to get the closing date status for the customer’s house refinance
  • Adam in Billing to confirm if the customer’s late payment has been cleared
  • Jose in Legal to learn whether the contract has been finalized or requires additional steps

How to Get Started With the Integration

Agents aren’t the only ones who benefit. That’s because the cloud-based Vonage Contact Center — when seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams — is fast and simple to administer. And that translates into saving time and money.

Once set up is complete:

  • agents can conduct back-office calls and consultations with Microsoft Teams users directly from their ContactPad desktop

  • inbound contact center calls will update the Agent Presence State within the contact center to “Busy Inbound” and the presence within Microsoft Teams to “Busy”

  • other contact center integrations — such as a CRM — will continue to function as usual, independent of the Microsoft Teams integration

Please, Take a (Comfy) Seat

We’ve got the best (and most comfortable) seats saved for you and your agents. To learn more about the Vonage Contact Center Contact Center integration with Microsoft Teams, please contact us.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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