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Changing Course: How Video is Enabling Distance Learning

Learn how the education sector has adopted real-time video to enable distance learning systems. Vonage examines the pros of video-rich educational experiences.

Is Education Failing in its Use of Video Conferencing?

Recent events have affected the use of video conferencing in the education sector. Vonage sheds light on the future of remote learning.

Remote Learning, Homeschooling, and Childcare: How Communications Tech Is Meeting Unexpected Demands

Communication technology is meeting unexpected demands. Learn how recent events have affected remote learning, homeschooling, and childcare. 

10 ways to reimagine your educational experience Far from the stuffy classrooms and chalkboards of yesteryear, today, learning happens from anywhere, and on any device.
Educators and Students Increasingly Turning to Virtual Environments for Learning During Today’s Global Health Crisis This unprecedented health crisis has called for academic institutions to drastically change the way they operate - overnight - with many shutting down classes altogether.
Four Best Practices Educators Should Consider to Keep Students Engaged in Virtual Environments Occasionally, institutions like schools must drastically change the way they operate.
Cloud Comms: Powering Education's Ongoing Digital Transformation For the first time in history, widespread school closures are leaving millions of parents and students facing a startling new reality: online learning.
Video Conferencing Brings Tutoring to the Masses As worldwide school closures force students and teachers out of classrooms and into online learning environments, many parents are left with the daunting task of ensuring their children continue to receive the best education possible.

Customer Stories

PresenceLearning Democratizes Access to Special Education-related Services PresenceLearning provides access to a network of licensed clinical professionals who work face-to-face with students via secure, live, online video sessions powered by the Vonage Video API.
Connecting Cambly Language Learners to Native Speakers By using the Vonage Video API, Cambly connects English language students with native speakers where they can practice English together via live video chat from their mobile device or computer.
Chegg Helps Expand the Reach of its e-Learning Platform Chegg Tutors offers an e-learning platform that connects students with expert tutors for assistance on a range of subjects at a range of different levels. Vonage Video API provides real-time video, audio and text chat.


Reimagining Education More relevant now than ever, this guide explores how education is being reimagined with digital communications.
Video Chatterbox Nation: Education Learn the current state of video, what’s next, and how to navigate today’s technological challenges in education.

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