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Experience Composer

Advanced video composition tools for immersive applications

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Capture your imagination with all that Experience Composer can do

Experience Composer gives Vonage Video API customers the power to go beyond simple video and audio composition, enabling advanced composition, broadcast and recording of application elements like branded UI, whiteboards, chat, and other dynamic JavaScript components.


Broadcast events as they happen

Capture any application elements, exactly as you created them, for live streams via WebRTC, HLS, or RTMP.

Record the entire experience

Create instant replay for on-demand virtual events and training sessions.

Create advanced sessions

Stream custom experiences into live meetings, training sessions, virtual tours, and more.
Experience Composer with Interactive Broadcast

Stream immersive experiences for large-scale video engagement


  • Capture dynamic composition:


    Effortlessly stream rich UI/UX of your application or website.

  • HLS, LL-HLS or RTMP:


    Broadcast your EC sessions using the most common streaming formats.

  • Customize experiences:


    Dynamically build multiple personalized broadcast streams.

  • Broadcast up to 1080p Full HD:


    Stream high quality experiences at resolutions more than 2.5X of HD.

Image of a collaborative whiteboard in a vonage meeting
Experience Composer with Video API Recording

Capture voice and video calls as they happen


  • Retain the context:


    Automatically capture the surrounding content – screen share, white boards, chat, and more.

  • Capture up to 1080p Full HD:


    Create high quality content for on-demand viewing.

  • Customized recordings:


    Compose multiple scenes on the fly for on-demand viewing.

  • Add media encryption:


    Secure on-demand content with optional AES-128 encryption.

Advanced Session Composition

Capture integrated UX

Stream JavaScript components into a live video conference.

Create training experiences

Build seamless interfaces to unite remote presenters and content.

Mix streams on the fly

Dynamically customize audio and video with translation, effects, or branding.

Design immersive environments

Bring your presenters and audiences into virtual spaces for tours and inspections.

“Vonage Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer allows us to develop customer-friendly customizable software quickly and easily, expedite the availability of these enhanced engagement features in the market, and keep a competitive advantage.”

Viktor Underwood CEO at Quickchannel

Have a cool app? See how Experience Composer captures your UI and streams it into a live video session.


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