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How Do I Set Up a Virtual Phone System?

This article was updated on May 30, 2024

Although a virtual phone system delivers incredible efficiency and performance, business owners may believe these systems are time-consuming to set up and administer. But setting up a virtual phone system can be simple. Easy installation and on-demand training resources for users to learn the system are some of the features to look for in a vendor. Here’s one of the simplest ways you can set up these systems!

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Get Business Calls on Any Device

A growing number of people are turning to virtual small-business phone systems to save money and work smarter, not harder. Some companies prefer a mix of traditional and virtual phone systems, for those who need to call and talk on a desk handset. But it’s also nice when the handset can connect to your cell phone, or when voicemails can go to your email.

These benefits are available today through unified communications platforms that keep missed calls and messages integrated across devices and platforms. When you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you should be able to pay a simple price for a simple solution. Setting up a virtual phone system for a business is a process that should align the system to your needs, not the other way around. Here are the steps you can follow with Vonage to set up a virtual phone system.

How to Create a Virtual Phone Number

Through the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can create a virtual phone number online after purchasing a plan. Further, setting up a virtual number can give you multiple toll-free and local lines that serve clients in different regions. Companies may also keep a current business number and move it to the cloud. Here are the steps to set it all up for yourself.

Steps to Setting Up VoIP for Small Business

1. Choose Your Cloud-Based Phone System and Cost

Virtual phone systems come with a wide variety of features — some included and some that require additional fees. Both can be enabled during system setup. Here are some of the most popular features among small businesses:

  • Toll-Free Flat Rate: This single flat-rate, toll-free number can be used as needed.

  • Local Company Number: Publishing a local number in any area code gives your small business a local feel. Vonage users can publish an unlimited number of area codes and check built-in reports to see which area codes have the most calls.

  • Local Paperless Fax: A single portal on both computers and mobile devices lets you say goodbye to fax machines and wasted paper across the U.S.

  • AI Virtual Assistant: A virtual receptionist improves the customer experience and helps a small operation make an enterprise-level first impression. A simple menu can allow customers to self-serve on basic issues and route their calls directly to the right person for more complex needs.

  • CRM and Software Integrations: Vonage Business Communications connects to diverse leading systems like Salesforce, Google, Hubspot, Apptivo, Coronet, and more. Your phone system can integrate with everything from the sales pipeline to invoicing and cloud security.

2. Confirm Account Settings and Payment Details

Once the ideal set of features and number of users are added to your cart, you can check out and set up a login. You will use this username and password to manage the master settings of the virtual phone system.

3. Create Numbers and Set Up Access

Once you log in as an administrator, you can create the virtual phone numbers and assign them to their respective users. Employees will be able to download the Vonage app and access their new business phone number. In addition to calls and voicemails, the app enables text messaging, video meetings, social media integration, and other features.

4. Phone System Training and Adoption

Some aspects of the small-business phone system may not require much new training for employees. Picking up the handset at the front desk or near the cash register is a fast way to enjoy the reliability and improved performance of VoIP. But sometimes it’s nice to have helpful resources available to cover the basics. The Vonage Learning Center is our self-service learning hub for users to master their new systems. Also, if you want to ensure all employees hear the same information or have a chance to ask their specific questions to a live person, they can register for a live training session.

Setting up a virtual phone system takes just a few clicks to transform your business operations. You can even order new telephone handsets while you set up the plan! Vonage Business Communications puts your telecommunications in your control, with the support of our technicians and our experience to back you up. Let us know if you have any questions or need more information throughout the setup process.


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