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Move to the cloud

Don’t put what’s best for your business on hold. Move to the cloud.
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Automatic enhancement

Virtual updates ensure your communications system is always up to date
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Save money and headaches

Slash costs, and keep voice, video, and data safe with cloud-hosted redundancies and disaster recovery
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Make it simple

No more costly, complicated infrastructure or IT
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Save more money with cloud-hosted communications

When you move to the cloud, resources can be shared across offices for a level of redundancy that can be much less expensive than a traditional PBX system.
  • No costly internal infrastructure
  • No servers and storage systems
  • System monitoring included
  • Maintenance included
  • Time and money savings
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Become more efficient with business-critical features

Once you move to the cloud, you can plug in your phone anywhere you have high-speed internet and take our service’s 50+ features with you.
  • 50+ features, like Visual Voicemail
  • Integrations with the tools and apps your team already uses
  • Maximize your use of Salesforce with Vonage Contact Center
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Business control

Management of your cloud-hosted system is easy with an Admin Portal on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
  • Customize phone features per extension
  • Add extensions, integrations, and premium features
  • Scale up or down
  • Access, maintain, and monitor remotely
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Seamlessly connect, farther and wider

Connect virtual teams, remote workers, satellite offices, clients, and colleagues seamlessly with a cloud-based communications system.
  • Access to the functionality of your business phones system
  • Vonage Meetings offers powerful audio and video collaboration tools
  • 4-digit extension dialing across multiple locations

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